24 August 2009


We're off to Tonga on October 6th for staging, October 8th to the country itself!

Here is the Kingdom of Tonga: (thanks to the CIA World Fact Book: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/tn.html)
Other useful information about Tonga: (thanks to Ann and Bruce Borquist)

Knowing that the the average time between receiving an (or remembering someone to) email would make us more suited to live in a time when mail was carried on horseback, a blog presented itself as the ideal positioning of generation Y efficiency, even though it took 4 hours to figure out how to set everything up.

Peace Corps seems to be one of the many organizations that has been transformed by the internet. It seems a common thing to do for potential volunteers is to actively stalk the range of blogs that might have something to do with where he or she may be posted. We had a several-day window between knowing that an offer was in the mail, and actually receiving that offer, and during that time we must have single-handedly caused the hit rate on other volunteer's blogs to go up by several hundred! Its amazing what kinds of cultural insight, funny stories, and useful tips exist on the virtual community of current volunteers' blogs.

In our opinion, the best blog out there about Tonga by a current Peace Corps Volunteer:

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