02 October 2009

Big Waves and Small Parcels


Suddenly, Tonga is in the news! Everyone has been asking us what we have heard about the tsunami near Samoa in the past couple of days, and although we are sad that there is so much destruction in Western Samoa, American Samoa, and Indonesia, Tonga has largely been left untouched. According to the news and two of the in-country volunteer blogs we read, (Two Coconuts and Steve's Adventure) most of the damage was in Niuatoputapu, an extreme northern island near Samoa. Both blogs have very interesting descriptions of the events. The other islands, if they felt anything at all, only saw a rise in water level for a number of minutes, and then everything went back to normal. In fact, Ha'apai, where we will be spending the next two months, apparently didn't feel any effects at all.

We haven't heard anything from our training staff about this, so we are assuming that since the effect was little on most of the islands, everything will proceed as planned.

Contact Information and Packages

We have also gotten a lot of questions about how to reach us in-country and where to send packages. The best way to contact us in general is is via email, which will stay the same as always (eb.noyes and markanoyes both at gmail addresses).

Since our last post, we have been running around and alternately really enjoying seeing people for the last time before we go, and being very sad at having to actually say good bye. It has been a whirlwind of fun conversations, fantastic dinners, and tedious cleaning, packing, and legal paperwork. Our next post will be from Tonga!

- Elena

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