09 February 2010

Cameras and Cats

There are those moments in life when you really wish that you were carrying a camera at all times. Here's my present reason for wishing:

Tonight, I got home from work at 7:00 in the evening, and after getting to talk to Elena for a little while about our respective days, she had to leave for a staff meeting. So I am home alone, and need to feed two voraciously hungry growing little animals. We have no root crop, blast! I'm going to have to boil either some sweet potato, or some rice, so I choose the rice because it's faster and I can knock out two birds with one stone because I want to eat some for supper. The little beasts are circling me, eyeing every movement with the interest of starving vultures hovering over a man staggering through the desert. And then I light on a brilliant idea: I'll serve the pets hopa (fat local variety of plantain bananas). So I mash some up with canned mackerel, and with two mouths out of the way, I go back to supper preparations. Finally, after spending another hour chopping, washing, stirring, and mixing, an extremely tasty dish of pseudo-stir-fry is ready. I sit down to my first meal since breakfast, and say a quick prayer, and dish up.

The animals have long been finished with their feast of hopa and fish (which I would have considered cooking for myself as well) and Dende, the orange tabby kitten, is sitting under the table edging closer and closer to my feet. Finally, as I'm halfway through eating, he starts to lick my toes as he cleans his paws. A moment later, he climbs up between my crossed feet under the table, and curls up, and goes to sleep. WHERE'S MY CAMERA?! It's not twenty feet away, but I'd ruin the picture if I got up...%@&#!! Oh well, here's to the descriptive power of words.

Elena can attest to the extreme amusement we get out of our new pets, especially Dende. He has an adorable habit of climbing up onto you and curling up in odd places, or simply dropping where he stands, regardless of how unlikely a sleeping place. We have been trying to get pictures, so fear not, the visual representation of these fun moments is not long in following.

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