21 February 2010

There's no such place as Tonga

I was just chatting with a friend who described his recent encounter with the US postal service upon trying to send a letter to Tonga. It cracked me up for the rest of the day, so I post our conversation for funnies.    Friend: did u get our card? me: not yet... mail is ridiculously slow herewe haven't gotten the boat from the capital island in the last couple of days, so it could be just sitting at the main post office across the water13:56 Friend: uhhh, the man in the post office laughed at me and asked "tonga...do u mean tanzania?" me: hahahahaha no way! Friend: i said 'no, tonga' --  he said there's no place called tonga me: that's funny that he didn't sugest Togo
13:57 Friend: he refused to take it unless I could show him where tonga was me: hahahaha! Friend: he was abusive, he said why do ur frnds have to go there
13:58and said there's no postal service from the US Friend: he even made fun of us by saying 'u guys are WRONGA'
13:59me: this is making my day!!! Friend: all this is truethey wont accept the envelope me: i love it!
14:00they think they can't send here? Friend: they said no place in their directory called Tonga

After the string of conversation, the friend said that after a lot of looking in the USPS directory, the mail clerk finally allowed them to post the card. It evidently takes true friendship to argue with the US Postal Service for the existence of a country.


  1. Thanks for the smile.
    Keep your balance. We just received email notification of earthquakes somewhere in the Tonga region.

  2. I love it...now I know why it takes 2 1\2 months to get mail from Canada.

  3. lol! Wow.

    Americans are of course known for geographic sensativity and knowledge. :P Makes me think about how they always seem to confuse Thailand and Taiwan--which if you are from either of those countries, is baffling to no end!

  4. Tonga is a village in South Africa, Mpumalanga Province, in rural Nkomazi region, next to the Komatipoort boarder(called Lebombo boarder) to Mozambique.
    I stay just next to Tonga, in a village called Driekoppies!

  5. Thanks Mandla! I actually found the village of Tonga when I came across a South African news report near Tonga: http://mk-squared.blogspot.com/2010/08/theres-no-such-place-as-tonga-when-its.html
    It's funny that the unique name of Tonga is both a country in the Pacific and a town in South Africa!


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