01 March 2010

The False Alarm Tsunami

The thing was, it never came! Peace Corps called at 2am on Saturday morning, warning us of a possible tsunami coming our way from the disastrous Chile earthquake. I slept soundly for the rest of the night, knowing that our house on top of one of the highest points in Tonga was very safe, but nonetheless worried about the rest of the islands. Church the next morning was canceled in a lot of parts of Tonga (a big occurrence for a place where you miss church only when you're on your deathbed!) but after all the warnings, nothing came.

We were actually very glad about the seriousness with which people took the warnings, even though it turned out to be for nothing. With the recent deaths in Samoa and the Niuas from the last large tsunami still fresh in people's minds, everyone is especially keen to be safe rather than sorry.

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