28 March 2010

A Not-So-Short Hiatus

Bacteria and Forced Vacations

Well, we have discovered what has been plaguing me for the past four weeks. It turns out, I had a Gram Negative bacteria colony happily growing in my throat, and Elena has a different bug plaguing her. The nice thing about Gram Negative and Elena's bug as opposed to Whooping Cough are that they're easier to treat, and we are now on the right medication.

The flip side of this little trip to Nuku'alofa is that it has been a forced two-week vacation, and not terribly unpleasant either. Besides the frustrations over being away from our work for two weeks and seeing our return date get pushed back repeatedly, we have been quite enjoying ourselves. After mostly being on 'Eua over the last three months, it's funny how big Nuku'alofa feels, and how novel it is to be able to go to a cafe and have coffee or tea. We have had some quite phenomenal Chinese food while we've been here, along with pizza, and breakfast delicacies.

Chinese Food

You will never quite realize how much you miss Chinese food until you can't get any. This was the priority of one of our dinner location searches. After a lengthy debate among the volunteers at the office, we decided to go out and get Chinese food for supper. There are a couple prominent establishments in Nuku'alofa, but we've been to all of them, and at least one person disagreed with going to each. So Ashley, another volunteer from 'Eua suggested we go search out this hole-in-the-wall establishment that none of us had been to named "Golden Chicken" or something along those lines. So we went out with a vague idea of where it was, and some misgivings about an unknown restaurant. We found it, and it was rather unremarkable-looking, and looked closed to boot. We were about to walk away from what we now knew was the "Golden Star" when a man ran out of the Chinese shop next-door and opened the restaurant for us. They started cooking everything up right there when we got there, and we were the only ones in the place. However, it was completely worth it! When the food came out of the kitchen, we were quite impressed with the quality. It was hilarious that such an unassuming place had what was probably the best Chinese food I have had in Nuku'alofa since I arrived in Tonga. I have no doubt that there will be additional trips to the Golden Star next time we are in town.

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  1. Your great-grandma Stannard had a rule of thumb that modest hole-in-the-wall Chinese places were the only places to go - the most authentic. If you see them filled with ordinary Chinese, they're the place to go. I will never forget the place she took us to in SF's Chinatown.


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