25 August 2010

2 Ways to Rock out in Tongan Style

Woven belt = kiekie
Do you want to show off to everyone that you know where and what Tonga is?

You could:

1. Order a kiekie from Tonga and wait 8 months until it's made and shipped, or
2. Click on the link below to choose and buy a t-shirt that arrives in one week.

The designs are for fun, by Elena, adapted from traditional Tongan bark cloth drawings. Shirts come in all types and colors.

 We get roughly 20% of each sale: 3/4 of that goes to the Tongan Womens and Childrens Crisis Center in Nuku'alofa, Tonga. 1/4 we use for our own volunteer projects.

So you can sport Tongan pride, and do good at the same time.

Click this button:

I'll be adding even more designs as time goes by, so keep checking.


  1. You're too awesome! -Jen

  2. Great Tees - I'm arriving with Group 76 in Oct. and get even more psyched about it when I see projects like this. Malo!


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