16 August 2010

Peace Corps Tonga Group 76

All of the volunteers are excited to welcome the new group of volunteers that are due to arrive on October 7th; a little under two months. Many of the invitations have been sent out to fill 24 volunteer spots: 8 primary teachers, 3 secondary English teachers, 3 secondary economics teachers, 3 tertiary English teachers, 3 industrial arts teachers, and 4 business education volunteers.

The volunteers, like we did a year ago, will arrive after a day of flying, spend the weekend and two days in the capital city, and then fly to Ha'apai for roughly 9 weeks of homestay, language, and technical training.

I am particularly excited for this group to come, because I'm part of a team responsible for giving the new volunteers a basic exposure to schools before they leave for Ha'apai. Our team leader and several of the other education volunteers are organizing the majority of it, and I'm organizing the much smaller business visit part of it for the 4-7 business-oriented volunteers potentially coming.


  1. Hi Elena!

    I was thrilled to come across your post as I am anxiously awaiting a call/email about a possible invitation to the Pacific Islands for October ... I have no idea whether it would be Tonga or Samoa (both leaving the same day) but I'm excited to hear.

    I'm a bit nervous as your list of positions available doesn't seem to fit my nomination - I was nominated for teaching training ... maybe that means my nomination was Samoa?

    Anyway, I am excited to hear that preparations are underway for the new group! Hopefully I have the potential of being a part of it!

  2. Hi Elena,

    I am part of the incoming group. I look forward to meeting everyone soon. I will be traveling from New York. I would love to connect a bit before I leave so please be in touch.

    See you soon!


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