17 August 2010

There's no such place as Tonga: When it's somewhere in South Africa

Tonga, South Africa

In order to stay up to date on the news, I check Google News, saved keyword Tonga regularly for any Tonga news that makes it online. The stories usually change about once a week. You can imagine my surprise when I came across this article from News 24 online:
Family in court on murder charges
2010-08-17 21:21
Mandla Khoza

Tonga - Five family members from Mpumalanga who were arrested for murder on Monday have appeared in the Tonga Magistrate's Court. Eliot, Matito, Rebecca and Thomas Mdaka, and Alice Mathanse, did not plead to a charge of murdering Philip Mabotha, 21, and Oupa Ngomane, 20.
Tonga police said Mabotha and Ngomane had allegedly....(etc. Full version in link)

I read it, getting more and more confused as I read the clearly African names, until I got to the bottom, and the light clicked on. It wasn't referring to a country, it was referring to a town. Not the Kingdom of Tonga, not the country of Togo, an actual place called Tonga in Africa. There is even a Tonga Hospital, South Africa.

But our one satisfaction is this: Tonga, South Africa gets significantly less internet hits than Tonga, South Pacific. They're in even less well known place than we are.

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