26 July 2011

Be Wise: The first step? Join the association

The decorated hall's centre food court attracted a lot of visitors
Last Saturday was a living reminder that amazing things always happen when talented women get together. I returned to Tonga just in time to minimally help with the WISE Tonga official launch, the opening event of the new women in business association. Fully named Women in Sustainable Enterprises Tonga, the official association name is often shortened to WISE, not least because we can refer delightfully to the wise board, the wise membership, and the wise supporters.

20 July 2011

Smithsonian Folklife Festival: The whole story

Mele is weaving and I am practicing weaving in our booth
After two weeks presenting at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival following months of preparation and heaps of planning, I am back in Tonga and reeling from the exhausting, inspiring experience.

In short, the best part about it was epitomized by a trip to see the White House (from the gate, of course) with several other presenters. In a group of seven people, we collectively spoke five languages: English, French, Spanish, Tongan, and Bambara (from Mali). The diversity, accomplishments, and interesting experiences of other presenters at the festival were what inspired and delighted us throughout.

12 July 2011

Do-it-yourself: How to eat at a feast

The Conference Feasts seat over three-thousand people 4 times a day for seven days
Imagine you are walking around Nuku’alofa, and you turn a corner and find the street jammed full of vehicles and people all headed for an open field covered by tents. You wonder what all the commotion is about, so you ask someone what is going on. They tell you that this is the church conference, and that you should come eat at the meal that is just about to start. So how do you proceed, and what do you have to look forward to?
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