20 November 2011

Hello to the New Zealand High Commission

After the application process was all over, I calculated that I had spent over 30 hours preparing for this one application and interview. By the time I finished the two-hour interview and practical test process, I knew all the preparation was worth it: my rehearsed answers gave me confidence but all flew out the window as I laughed and chatted with the interview panel, and actually enjoyed the practical test.

When I got the formal offer, Mark and I dropped everything and ran around the local stadium to work off the adrenaline.

09 November 2011

Farewell to Tonga Development Bank

There were tears in my eyes for most of the morning. Mark and I sat at the head of the table in the Tonga Development Bank boardroom, festooned with fragrant loops of tropical flowers at the Bank's farewell gathering for me this morning. The table was laden with apple tarts, crust-less sandwiches, spice muffins, chocolate cake, and crystal bowls of red watermelon slices, and surrounded by all the TDB managers.

Next week will be my last one at TDB before I move on to the New Zealand High Commission, and I kept reminding my tear ducts that I was only moving practically across the block, not across the world yet. Never the less, the speeches, songs, and gifts "melted my heart" as my mom likes to say.

I had moved to TDB under rather unorthodox circumstances.
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