31 January 2012

Improv comedy in Tonga

I never thought that coming to Tonga would make me an improv comedy performer. Shortly after we moved to Tongatapu last year, I joined ON THE SPOT (OTS), a community-focused arts organization that puts on quarterly performances, offers occasional weekly sessions of film classes, performs modern dance at increasingly frequent charity events around town, and brings together a small core group of talented visual artists, musicians, dancers, and writers. After a full day of something like analyzing cash flow statements, it was a welcome relief to ride out to the old warehouse we use as a practice/performance space and dance or practice improv for three hours, twice a week.

21 January 2012

Down the other side of the Pacific: A Christmas trip part two

As we made our way down the coast, we kept seeing wonderful people, having good conversations, and eating good food together. Our next stop was Portland...

We had nostalgic dinners with old friends - Lebanese food piled high!

03 January 2012

Down the other side of the Pacific: A Christmas trip part one

The Christmas tree is all decked out
Happy two-thousand-twelve-tacular from the frigid and beautiful Northwest US. For the last week and a half, we've been on a long-awaited trip to visit our families and friends in the US, after not being back for almost two and a half years. The Washington state part of our trip is over and we're heading South to see a lot more people before we come back to Tonga.

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