26 April 2012

A big PLUS for Youth in Business

The team receives the big cheque from the Minister of Education
"WE WON!!!" The team lept up to recieve their huge cheque on the stage and I couldn't stop myself from yelling and clapping from the audience. The team, PLUS Archi-Design & Management from Tupou Tertiary Institute, had just won first place and $TOP 2,300 to start their business.

It was the culmination of the first stage of the Youth in Business awards that most of the secondary and tertiary schools have competed in for the past several weeks. Currently in its third year of operation, 11 secondary schools and 7 tertiary schools sent teams to take part in the competition. Each school's team had been working to develop their own startup business, which were judged in ten-minute presentations last week. Ideas ranged from coconut cookies and cleaning services to PLUS Archi-Design & Management, an architectural design services business - the tertiary idea that won.

22 April 2012

My Angry Stomach: an update

Cooking in Tonga with a sensitive stomach is sometimes an exercise in creativity. Fresh food is seasonal, starches other than root crops and bread are unusual, and good quality meat of any kind is particularly hard to get. Since I developed stomach problems last year and discovered it was IBS, I've honed my list of "safe," "somewhat safe," and "not safe" foods. I was surprised at how many people have IBS, and while what I've learned doesn't work for some, it's at least a good place to start.

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