27 August 2012

Whale-song in 'Eua

Yet again, last weekend I was reminded why 'Eua is such a deliciously amazing best-kept-secret place to have a holiday. We'd gone back to 'Eua several times since living there, but this was the first time we went entirely for fun. The island of 'Eua is a large (for Tonga), samosa-shaped island off the East coast of Tongatapu, and is geographically completely unlike the entire rest of Tonga. While other islands are tiny, flat beautiful atolls spread atop porous volcanic material and ancient coral, 'Eua is a small mountainous slab of continent, bursting with natural springs, high rocky cliffs, and massive networks of subterranean caves.

16 August 2012

The New Red Roof

Langafonua's fading red roof
Every day as I sit at my desk, I look out at the normally faded red roof of Langafonua Gallery and Handicraft Centre. Given to Langafonua by her Majesty Queen Salote, reigning monarch of Tonga from 1918 to 1965, the building is beautiful but in need of repair. And the past couple of days have seen Langafonua get a newly painted, shiny red roof. This is the start of what I hope will be some exciting developments for Langafonua and the handicraft sector in Tonga as a whole.

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