23 June 2013

No eggs for festival season

We discovered on Saturday that the country is out of eggs.

If supplies start running out, it must be the Conference season in Tonga! Every year, June and July are jam packed with events: the opening of Parliament, the Heilala Festival, the Wesleyan Church Conference, and several others as well. It's a time when the Tongan community around the world returns to Tonga and celebrates, eats, cooks, donates, and gets their fill of Tonga. And because of the massive amounts of food prepared for all the events, shops inevitably run dry.

A friend at work told me this morning that a cousin of hers went all around town trying to find eggs for the last cake they needed to provide. All the shops were out, so after circling around town, she finally stopped at a little cafe, and ordered two eggs, raw. The barista asked her "are you sure you don't want me to fry them?" to which she replied that she'd just like him to bring her two raw eggs from the kitchen. He did, and they baked their cake! (This post says "posted by Mark Noyes," but it's Elena writing)

01 June 2013

Watching the sun rise with 10,000 people

I woke up at 5 on Thursday morning, and Wellington's streets were crowded. The dark roads and storefronts belied the busy groups of people streaming North toward New Zealand's Parliament complex, which includes the national archives, the courts, and - everyone's destination on Thursday - the war memorial. We were all there to commemorate ANZAC day.
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